this is gonna be a lowkey place for me to talk about myself, at least in relation to my work! i don't like pretending i enjoy currying the favor of strangers who i probably wouldn't like irl with little Relatable Life Tidbits and so i will continue to not do that. either you like my variety of weird little guys or don't! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

i WILL make more sites based on my many story worlds, so this will be a hub for those. eventually.


what am i working on RIGHT NOW??

04/15/2022: my aberrunt comic! since i don't ever really have the space to ramble about the genesis of this project anywhere else and don't have to worry about clogging up anyone's feed with a bunch of information they don't give a shit about, i'm gonna talk about it here!!


to preface this, i've always loved art but i also have bipolar disorder (among a myriad of other fun comorbid problems i’ll spare you the details of lol), and so i have long periods of depression. for a span of probably a decade, i didn't draw a single thing, but i was still a creative person and was still always thinking of stories. since i was too bummed out to draw, i decided i would become a writer!! while you can see how that turned out, at the time it seemed like a great idea, and so in 2013 i signed up for Nanowrimo with the intention of writing a story that i would want to read about little creatures having a big adventure in even bigger weird meat. it was... certainly a story! i hit 50k easily, finishing with over 60k, and i was really proud of myself!

and then i shelved it and just did roleplaying on insanejournal for a couple years. i'm a simple man with very little pride and this is why i can admit this to you, one of perhaps five people who will read this cringe wall of text on neocities dot org. while roleplaying is a fun creative outlet, it still left me feeling very hollow since it wasn't what i wanted to be doing, just adjacent to it. then, in 2014, the video game Outlast released, and it felt so directly targeted at me, specifically, i dug out my Wacom Graphire tablet, fired up Autodesk Sketchbook, and DREW FANART. it wasn't good, but it was enough to get me back into drawing and by 2015 all i could think about was making comics. Around this time, while i was still heavily focused on doing goofy fanart & fun roleplay askblogs, i was making my first character designs, most of them in traditional media, but i made my first character designs in Paint Tool SAI as well.

I wouldn't work up the courage to make an actual comic until 2017 when I got Clip Studio Paint, which I aggressively recommend to anyone who wants to make comics! it goes on sale for dirt cheap several times a year and the basic version has a TON of features. By this time i had a lot of great art friends both in my area and online, and I was Really Feeling It, BAYBEEE!!! i made a prequel/test comic about a few of the characters in the main story and was really happy and excited that i was able to make my own stories come to life after doing mostly fanart/roleplay based stuff for so long.

some deep lore is that when i showed this comic to my therapist and explained the main story to me, she pointed out that it had a lot of parallels with what i'd been working through with her, and it blew my shoes AND socks off when i realized she was right.

i'm terrible at being autobiographical. i've tried a few times here and there, and it's only left me feeling miserable and exposed and stupid. i really admire people who are able to communicate personal things like that, but i've come to accept that it's just not something i'm good at or even comfortable with. what i can do, though, is explore those things from a more fantastical remove. it does make me feel childish sometimes, i will admit, to be exploring my deep psychological traumas with technicolor bugs who sometimes do cusses, but overall it's very cathartic since it's only explicitly clear to me which parts are just made up for dramatic effect and which ones are painfully real. i leave this DEEP LORE off of the comic proper because it's really not meant to be such an embarrassing bummer, it's supposed to be, in the end, a story where you figure out that you're not so bad. a little gross and offputting and embarrassing, sure, but not so bad.

ANYWAY. VOLUME 1 (OF NINE LOL PLEASE SEND HELP) was finished in 2019, 2020 my tablet was out of commission for six months and then i had to wait another month after that to replace it after waiting to be refunded and for the replacement to actually be in stock on this aggressively anti-art continent, and in 2021 i finished VOLUME 2!! a bunch of other stuff happened that i did write out but man oh man i'm tired of writing down bummers so don’t worry about it. I MADE IT THROUGH THE BUMMERS & VOLUME 3 IS IN PRODUCTION!

The scripts for all nine volumes are... pretty much done. I've learned over the years that making strict scripts just doesn't work for me - i'm changing dialog and moving stuff around up to the last second, and work best when i am just drawing out my ideas versus writing them down. i have to date never been able to set a page limit and stick to it, though for my own sanity i am hoping VOLUME 3 stays under 100 pages lmao!!

VOLUME 3 is currently in the storyboard phase! getting started is always the hardest part for me, but i'm hoping to have the boards sorted out in a week. that may be too ambitious, but this volume is one of my favorites and i'm very excited and motivated to bring it to life!

i think my chief challenge for this volume, since after two of them i know i can do it and have a pretty good pipeline, will be upping my composition game and making some style changes. for the first two i wanted to go for the 'painted background and bold celshade characters, saturday morning cartoon style' vibe, and while it kinda worked? i think it can be a lot more cohesive, and that i have too much blank page real estate that could be better filled with squiggly meat. i do worry about abruptly changing style midstream, but it's not like i have a publisher or an enormous fanbase - the only person i have to please here is me, and it would please me to make a more consistently rendered comic!

i'll update this post as i have more updates to make! i will do a little thing with dates on it i think. idk, this post got totally out of control but i've never told Aberrunt's backstory before and this was as good a place as any haha!


this year i really want to get back into making comics. it's my favorite thing to do, and due to a bunch of boring, embarassing and depressing reasons, i haven't been making them at the rate i'd like to. i'm tired of it though!! fuck it!! I'M GONNA MAKE COMICS. also some other stuff, hopefully. i'm a one man band and it's an ongoing process to figure out my production pipeline, but it's better to have too many projects to choose from than to struggle to come up with them, right!?

  • ABERRUNT VOLUME 3: this one is currently in production! check out the promo website for it HERE.
  • ROTTEN JOHN: ran into a pretty bad mental health snag last year and after updating it weekly for 2 years straight i completely beefed it on this one. i want to do a HUGE update for it to make up for all the missed pages. also, i want to get back to it being more experimental with styles and whatnot. i fell into a rut, and it was supposed to be my goofaround project. i'd also like to make a website for this world like i did for Aberrunt, but we'll see how i go just getting the dingdang pages done first!
  • WILDASS COMIC(S): i haven't made one of these in FOREVER and i MISS 'EM. i have a few ideas for what to do, but my main stumbling block is just an inconsistent production line and having nowhere to fucking post them anymore lol. also i'd kind of like these to be the bulk of what i offer commission wise, and save the high production value for my bigger projects (Aberrunt being one of them!). my problem is that all my comic projects tend to have a Production Value Drift where i just cannot help myself and start spending absurd amounts of time on 'quick' projects lol. this year i want to make at LEAST 1 but IDEALLY 3 Wildass Comics!! real niche ones too! i love to alienate my already tiny audience with increasingly esoteric shit!!!
  • SUBSCRIBESTAR: this one is dependent on getting a solid QUICK N DIRTY comic production pipeline going so while i keep insisting i'm gonna make one, AND I AM GOING TO I SWEAR, i'm gonna have to build up a library of content before i can make it, otherwise it'll just be a mostly empty page. i also want this to be where my old WILDASS COMICS live! my main issue is having a place i can put my nastier stuff where it's not going to ambush anyone who doesn't wanna see it, and paywalling it so far is the only plausible path forward. a lot of my subscription things make me uneasy, either flirting with crypto, abruptly banning people for arbitrary policies and just generally being unfriendly to more niche content. subscribestar seems like a good place to set up shop, at least as of this list... but yeah. i need CONTENT lol!
  • GOUACHE PAINTING: i really want to get the hang on gouache. on the rare occassions i make time to use it, i have a blast and absolutely love the result, but i'd like to be able to do it a bit more casually instead of having to focus really hard on it & have to re-remember all the techniques i forgot since the last time i painted. i especially would like to make another big spread of my aberrunt gals, which i haven't done for years!!
  • CONFIDENCE: yeah that's right, an abstract concept! i really struggle with this and it's boring. i'm bored with being constantly unsure if i'm doing a good job or not. i think i make fun stuff & i want to make more of it & be less shy about showing it to people. i've never been good at self promotion & struggle to connect with people socially, but i've been letting that prevent me from JUST POSTING. i'm gonna try to JUST POST more!! just art though. i have the personality of a rusted cheese grater, it's for the best if you just look at my goofy cartoons and not worry about my hot takes & media opinions.
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